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International Human Rights Commitments

The project International Human Rights Commitments supported by the Czech Science Foundation seeks to contribute to understanding the process of the participation of the Czech Republic in human rights regimes. The Czech Republic has repeatedly emphasized that human rights (HR) play a key role in its foreign policy. In modern Europe, in addition to internal conformity with HR standards, HR-conscious states are expected to accept international HR obligations. The project seeks to map how actively the Czech Republic acts in relation to international HR treaties. Regarding the most important HR treaties, the project will focus also on a comparison with the performance of other countries of the Visegrád Group. The project further more examines the practice of Czech courts in application of and references to the HR treaties. One of the project’s outputs will be a dataset, containing data on various aspects of international treaties. In addition to the description of the state of affairs, the project seeks through combination of qualitative and quantitative approach to shed light on causes which brought about the current situation.


Czech Publication International human rights commitments of postcommunist countries: cases of the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Mezinárodní lidskoprávní závazky postkomunistických zemí: případy České republiky a Slovenska)

Czech publishing house Leges issued a new publication on international human rights commitments authored by the research team. The monograph deals with the motivation of states to accept and fulfill the international HR treaties and concentrates in the examples of the Czech republic and Slovakia to the particular aspects of the "life" of the treaties from their acceptance, ratification, reservations, through their implementation in the domestic legislation to "everyday" application before domestic courts.





Lecture on Politics of adopting international human rights treaties at the University of Oxford

Jozef Janovský, Katarína Šipulová and Hubert Smekal presented their talk on the global trends in international human rights commitments of authoritarian and democratic regimes on a workshop organised by the Oxford University Centre for Socio-Legal Studies a Oxford Human Rights Hub on 10 March 2016.